Circor Pipeline Engineering delivers quick turnaround  

Pump protection and move control technology firm Circor Pipeline Engineering has provided a customer with a fast opening closure (ROC) for a 48-in gas filter vessel within 10 weeks.
A ROC provides a fast opening access point to pipelines or pressure vessels, for the installation or removing of kit.
Built by Pipeline Engineering in Catterick, UK, the 48-in ASME U-Stamp giant ROC closure wanted to be delivered to the customer in Houston, Texas in 10 weeks. ไดอะแฟรม was constructed and delivered on time utilizing the model new large Vertical Turning Center (VTC) installed in Catterick in 2020 to reduce manufacturing lead time.
Following the delivery, Pipeline Engineering provided assist with set up and welding from its Houston facility.
The closure has been geared up with the brand new CIRCORSmart tag for traceability, document entry and simple customer help when it goes into operation.

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