Rotork assists BAE Systems in naval base actuator upgrades

pressure gauge แบบ น้ำมัน has been working with BAE Systems to improve a series of A-range actuators to IQ3 actuators which operate penstocks controlling movement of ships between the sea and transitional locks and dry docks at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth (HMNB Portsmouth).
A series of A-range actuators had reached the top of their operational life after lengthy service in a difficult surroundings. BAE Systems needed to retain all the advantages of electrical actuators, so IQ3 actuators were chosen. These had to be specially adapted by Rotork to beat issues around confined spaces and troublesome access.
IQ3 actuators and IS gearboxes were mechanically adapted in order that each actuator and gearbox could be operated by hand with out coming into the confined space. Rotork designed particular hand auto levers and through drive mechanisms for the actuator and gearbox to eliminate the necessity for confined house entry.
Actuators within the IQ range are watertight, offering ingress protection to IP66/68 at 20 m for 10 days. They have a sophisticated dual stacked display with configurable knowledge logger functionality, and an absolute place sensor supplies reliability and accuracy.

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