Level measurement in ground water

pressure gauge octa of drinking water from ground water has top priority in many countries. In Germany, this method has a share of about 70 per cent in the water supply. The water drawn from depths of several hundred of meters below the earth’s surface is normally in perfect hygienic condition.
The ground water is pumped up to the surface by means of powerful submersible pumps. The ratio between the water removal and the replenishment of the ground water must be permanently monitored. Submersible pressure transmitters which continuously measure the water level are used for this purpose.This application requires special low-maintenance and very durable instruments. The WIKA submersible pressure sensors can be submerged completely and operated permanently under water. They are reliable instruments that deliver value for many years. Our customer support or field sales will assist you in selecting a level measuring instrument that fits best to your application.
Further information regarding applications and instruments for the water and wastewater industry, please refer to the WIKA brochure “Water and wastewater technology“.
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