KSB Group’s future-proof diaphragm valves for drinking water

Valves put in in ingesting water transport methods have to satisfy stringent demands, both in terms of design and supplies employed.
To fulfill these necessities the KSB Group’s SISTO Armaturen S.A. in Luxembourg has launched its SISTO-16RGAMaXX diaphragm valve type series, that includes threaded sockets, a stainless-steel physique and a special consuming water diaphragm.
The body is manufactured from 1.4409, a material that is particularly resistant to chlorinated water and appropriate for ingesting water. To keep the fluid handled clean, the body is designed without useless quantity, thus preventing deposits within the valve. Nominal sizes vary from Rp 1/2”- 3”.
The confined and supported diaphragm maximises service life and is designed for a pressure of 16 bar. It is made of high-quality elastomer (EPDM/W270) and meets the German Environment Agency’s requirements on plastics suitable for drinking water applications (KTW-BWGL). The valves cover a temperature range from -10 °C to +90 °C. This means the type sequence can be extremely suitable for thermal disinfection.
Since the threaded stems for actuating the valves aren’t involved with the fluid handled, they may continue to deliver clean operation even after many years of use. pressure gauge fitted prevents any external contamination and likewise serves to indicate the valve position. Closing torques are minimised by a smooth-running thrust bearing.

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