Fluid Motion Solutions offers new pump options

Fluid Motion Solutions, a half of NOV Inc, has added a number of new features to its Mono EZstrip range of progressing cavity pumps, designed to make in-situ maintenance easier for wastewater sludge purposes.
With 360° access to the coupling rod and drive shaft for simple inspection, the new features embody the good factor about a captive support foot.
The smooth-profile optimistic torque break up coupling rod of the EZstrip pumps from Fluid Motion Solutions already alleviates potential ragging issues to reduce maintenance and meeting occasions. In addition, the pumps solely want a spanner and an Allen key for fast and easy disassembly, de-ragging and servicing.
With 360° access to the coupling rod and drive shaft for easy inspection, the brand new features include the benefit of a captive support foot. If required, เกจวัดแรงดันไทวัสดุ -train, together with rotor, stator, shaft, rod, and seal could be quickly and safely eliminated, without physical electrical disconnection.
Available in cast iron or stainless-steel with a alternative of rotor and stator supplies to suit individual applications, the EZstrip vary additionally advantages from a tie-bar-free design. EZstator clamps lock the stator securely into place, not solely decreasing stator elimination time by over 50%, but improving the safety of common upkeep operations.

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